Episode #97: Simplify Your Business with Brinie

A business podcast for time-poor mums running passion-fuelled businesses. Bite sized business tips designed to empower and educate to help you stay focussed on your big dream and make your business life simpler.

Welcome to a brand-new episode of the Business.With.Brinie podcast! After a refreshing break, I’m excited to return with renewed passion and a powerful shift in focus. This episode, “My Journey: Empowering Mums in Business,” dives into my personal story of balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship and the impactful changes happening under the Business.With.Brinie brand.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • My recent journey of self-discovery and the reasons behind my break.
  • The evolution of my business and the decision to explicitly focus on empowering mums.
  • The challenges and triumphs of juggling a career, business, and family life.
  • How my experiences have shaped my mission to support other mums in transforming their businesses into unstoppable forces.

Whether you’re a mum running a business or planning to start one, this episode is packed with insights and inspiration to help you navigate the delicate balance between work and family.

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