Episode #86: Simplify Your Business with Brinie

A business podcast for time-poor women running passion-fuelled businesses. Bite sized business tips designed to empower and educate to help you stay focussed on your big dream and make your business life simpler.

Happy Monday!

As business owners, it can often get lonely…

We get trapped in our own bubble,
We get used to always ‘doing it alone’
AND, we forget to pat ourselves on the back & celebrate our wins!

But it doesn’t always have to be this way…

In fact, being a biz cheerleader is part of who I am 🤩🥳
I genuinely ADORE cheering on other women in business

Having someone to celebrate wins with, remind you of how well you are doing and back you when you take leaps of faith is POWERFUL!

So this episode is one big dose of that!

Make sure to tune in (it’s worth it – I promise!)

Happy listening!

Brinie x