Episode #94: Simplify Your Business with Brinie

A business podcast for time-poor women running passion-fuelled businesses. Bite sized business tips designed to empower and educate to help you stay focussed on your big dream and make your business life simpler.

Hello lovely!

This week’s ep is for you if you are feeling really overwhelmed in your passion-fuelled business.

If you’re like I was, you are likely looking for 1 quick fix to help you reclaim some sanity… 

I’m sorry to tell you – there isn’t 1…


I am here to help!

I’ve been unable to show up live in the way I normally like to, so this week’s podcast is done in a masterclass style. 

You can grab the worksheet here (it’s a google doc) 

And let’s go!

Wishing you a wonderfully productive week



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